Shots Fired in the Melting Pot

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Malicious forces conspire against the stars of a reality television show. As new players reveal themselves and forbidden romances blossom; the game becomes more elaborate than it appeared. Sinister characters raise the stakes after the actors forge alliances, and each of them has something sacred to lose.

Shots Fired in the Melting Pot is true to its name with six natural enemies living together in a New York City loft. This playful romantic thriller is a delectable experience that will push the boundaries of human emotions and tolerance. Where else in the world can you find a cop and criminal; a celebrity and paparazzi; and a conservative and liberal, all forced to exist in one space?

Every character has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. Readers will enjoy peeling back the layers of secrets that may leave them awestruck by the depth of their revelations. A timeless ride that is as unpredictable as its diverse characters. This taut novel offers something for everyone.

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