I Seduced My Sexy Nephew

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When Diana Jenkins’ husband lands in prison for embezzlement, her life as the perfect trophy wife come crashing down around her. But her sister-in-law gives her hope and a place to land. Diana just wasn’t prepared when she sees her nephew Jeremy for the first time in years. A boy no longer, Diana finds her dormant sexuality awakened by his broad shoulders and muscled body.

At first, they exchange playful flirtations, but Diana can’t quell her feminine curiosity …

One morning as I got ready for work, I heard him showering in the bathroom we shared and as I walked passed, the door was open. I turned my head – honestly I think it was an innocent gesture – and saw him stepping out of the shower, his body glistening with moisture, his hands raising a towel to his head to dry his hair.

I paused, just for a moment, enthralled by the way his body was filling out, his muscled chest, athletic arms, thick legs. But I did a double-take as my eyes drifted to the robust manhood resting so calmly between his legs. I almost gasped, and realizing I was standing in his doorway, I quickly made my retreat. But throughout the day at work, my mind wandered back to Jeremy’s virile loins. I went for a walk at lunchtime and found myself daydreaming about him, and my own sex became warm, then ever so slightly moist.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to cease my carnal thoughts of that handsome boy. Then one summer morning after Stephanie left for work, I heard Jeremy getting out of the shower again. I don’t know how to explain my actions, except it had been so long since a man had seen me nude! I walked into the bathroom, nude and acted like I didn’t see him standing to my left, in front of the bathtub, naked. I walked over to the mirror and began brushing my hair, then my eyes saw him through the mirror, staring at me.

“Oh Jeremy,” I said softly, turning and covering my big breasts with one hand and hiding my freshly shaved pussy with the other. “I … I didn’t realize …”

He stood quite still, staring at me, his cock twitching slightly, but his hands making no effort to cover himself.

“I just got out of the shower,” he muttered, his eyes seemingly unable to look away from the hand between my legs.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” I said, shaking my head. “Could you hand me a towel?” I moved my arm away from my breasts and pointed to the towel rack, and his eyes grew twice their size, as did his cock. And heaven help me, I loved the way he looked at me.

Still he made no move.

“Jeremy?” I said, waving my arm towards the towels, a movement that also made my boobies jiggle.

He shook his head and then at last his eyes met mine.

“Aunt Diana …”

“A towel, please?” I repeated and at last he turned to look at the towels and took a step to reach one, his cock bobbing provocatively between his legs as he moved. He reached forward and handed one to me. I took it with both hands and didn’t miss the way his eyes dropped to my bald pussy as I draped the towel over my body.

Now it was my turn to stare, enjoying the way his cock kept inching upwards as if it were being lifted by strings.

I smiled, and as he realized his aroused condition, he covered himself.

“I … I’m sorry, Aunt Diana,” he stammered and made his way toward his bedroom.

“No worries, honey,” I said. “I’m surprised we haven’t bumped into each other like this before.”

This sexually explicit story of 7,000 words is meant for erotically inclined adults only.

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