Mail Order Bride: James’ Bride: A Clean Western COWBOY Romance (Historical Love Stories Book 1-3) (Mail Order Brides Series)

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A Story of Hope, Fear, Romance, Suspense and True Love

My mind was frayed at the ends, and my body was a mass of nervous knots. Here I stood, waiting on the porch just as I had told James that I would be in the letter I wrote him. It would only be moments before he arrived, and already I felt as though I were sweating, and not from the intense desert heat.

Just what was James like? Would he be kind to me? Would he be the tall, blue-eyed and brown-haired, attractive man that he had described himself to be? And would he be okay with me not being one of those rail-thin dames seen out buying supplies from the general store?

A horse was in the distance, and on it a mysterious rider. He wore a Stetson hat, and as he approached I saw those lovely baby blue eyes nearly smiling at me.

James Stanton had arrived.

♥ This is the complete series book 1-3. Standalone novel with no cliffhangers.

Book Lenght (without bonus material): 110 pages

BONUS: 3 Bonus Stories included!

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