Hal Grant’s War

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When Hal Grant’s father is killed in the street, a full-blown war is set to explode.

The wealthy ranchers of Lundon County are determined to take the law into their own hands and rid the county of the sharecroppers, nesters and sodbusters eking out an existence on the marginal lands.

As the heir to the Big G, the richest ranch in the county, Hal should have sided with his fellow ranchers.

But his sympathies are with the underdogs, for he does not believe in mob law and vigilante justice.

Hal is caught in the middle.

But no one is allowed to sit on the fence in a conflagration that is consuming a county.

Hal is forced to fight for his life as well as the survival of his ranch.

Praise for Philip McCormac

‘A classic story of adventure and courage in the old West.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

‘Philip McCormac writes in the best tradition of Zane Grey and Jack Shaefer.’ Richard Foreman, author of Sword of Empire.

Philip McCormac lives in the East Midlands, England, is married with two grown-up children and five grandchildren. He is the author of fourteen Western novels including Son of a Gun and Vengeance Unbound. He is also the author of detective thriller Tone Death.

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