Friends and Other Perishables (Carl Jacobs Mystery Book 1)

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“…measured first person narrative is packed with interesting details about investigative work and about his home life with Sherry and their young daughters: a refreshing rarity in the genre.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“The image of the hard-boiled detective has undergone many transformations since the days of Hammett and Chandler. Still, the idea of a married man with a couple of young daughters working the mean streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, seems hardly noir. But in Dale Whisman’s debut, FRIENDS, AND OTHER PERISHABLES, PI Carl Jacobs is a bona fide member of the fraternity. Whisman spins a good story and has created a likeable, credible hero and a supporting cast with good depth and a promise of staying power that bodes well for future appearances.”

-Alfred Hitchock Mystery Magazine

“…thrill-packed novel grabs you in the first paragraph and never lets you go. An outstanding debut.”

-William Bernhardt, author of the best selling Ben Kincaid series

“…follows the tradition of Spencer and Marlow and other PI’s of the genreā€”the hard-baked detective with a heart.”

-Charles W. Sasser, author of the best selling Detachment Delta series

“…exciting private investigative tale contains a strong mystery…solid cozy starring a likable champion who handles being shot at and wounded with aplomb, but goes a bit crazy when his family comes under attack.”

-Harriet Klausner, The Readers Guild, rated 10 out of 10 – a recommended read

“In good, solid prose Whisman guides you effortlessly through the consistently suspenseful story with a great sense of humor, and of what it means to be really tough. You will not be able to put this book down, and you can’t say that about too many mysteries these days. So treasure this one for all it’s worth.”

-Tone and Groove Music and Entertianment Ezine

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